In 1969 Agapè started taking the initiative to reach people in the Netherlands with the love of Jesus Christ. Agapè is part of the international movement Cru. We want people to get in touch with their Heavenly Father. Our drive is that all people in the Netherlands get the chance to know Jesus in a personal way. To reach that goal, we mobilize Christians to make Jesus visible in our country.
Jesus says in Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
That means that every Christian may be a light in his or her place!
Agapè offers trainings, products and projects to churches and Christians to help and learn them to testify in our society.


All people in the Netherlands get the chance
to get to know Jesus in a personal way.

Principes Agape Stichting
stichting agape


We mobilize Chrisians to make Jesus known in our country.


Geloven Stichting Agape


Because we are compassionate with people, we want to meet them just where they are. We want to tell them about Jesus, so they can put their trust in God, whose saving love is visible in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.



We help and motivate Christians like you to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to live as His disciple. We also help churches and communities to live out the love of Jesus in their own place.

Gaan Stichting Agape


We encourage Christians like you to help other people to discover what a life with Jesus is like. We teach you how to share your life with the people around you, or at the place God sends you to.


Agapè works according a few principles.
We believe that this way of working will touch people’s hearts.



Reading the Bible and prayer are the foundation to win, build and send for our mission.



On average someone needs 7 years to get to know Jesus in a personal way. That’s why we believe in a way of evangelization which is based on having a relationship with people. Share the gospel in a meaningful relationship as a Christian.



We would like for people to get in touch with the gospel in different ways. That’s why Agapè is found in different places: on sports fields, at universities, in cities and online. We approach people in a way they can relate to, that’s why we are oriented on target groups. We work with different movements like Athletes in Action and StudentLife.



Discipleship is the process where someone wants to follow Jesus and dedicate his life to Him. In short: doing what Jesus taught us to do. This process takes place in a local church or community: a group of Christians who all want to follow Jesus. Agapè offers churches and communities support through trainings and materials.



This world is always changing. That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to share the truth of the gospel with others.



Agapè isn’t bound to the borders of different churches. We believe in the unity in Jesus Christ, the risen One. Therefore, Agapè works together with all churches, organizations and persons that want to share the gospel with the people around them.



Agapè likes to share products, experiences and concepts with others, because we want to serve in building the Kingdom of God.


Athletes in action

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action triggers youth to have an impact in their hometown through sports.

Stichting agape mentors people online in their search for God.

Stichting agape


StudentLife shines Jesus’ light on the campus.

Agape together


Grow in your relationship with your partner as well as with Jesus.